Mike's 141 Banana Review

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Mike's 141 Banana Review

I deliberately held off purchasing this wax as its become the norm that new products are raved about initially then after a while the true reviews emerge, I have to admit with 141 the reviews have not changed so I took the plunge and purchased 141 in banana scent 

The wax arrived very quickly and extremely well packaged and accompanied by a complimentary wowo applicator and waxtub decal 

Wax packaging look very nice in the black plastic tub and the 2nd lid was a nice touch 

The wax itself doesn't not appear to be very "oily" but loading the applicator was very easy which then leads to it spreading well on the panels, a little go's a long way 

I'm not a lover of waxes that are over finiky I prefer a wax that I can apply to the whole car before removal, with it not being a very warm day and very overcast I thought sod it I'll apply it to the whole car and see how it fares, curing time was approximately 15/18 minutes, removal with a 600 gsm microfiber was easy a simple swipe removed the wax with no grabbyness and no holograms or oils were left on the panel, it really was very easy to use 

The finish was great with a nice level of gloss and the panels felt very slick which isn't the easiest to show on white paint

I have to say 141 has surprised me, a £20 odd quid wax that performs like waxes I have that were double even treble the price 

I'll happily admit I should have made this purchase earlier Paul really has nailed it with 141 and I look forward to his next creation 

The pictures really do not do this justice 

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